Metaverse continues to attract attention in many countries of the world. South Korea, one of the most powerful countries in Asia, recently announced that they would establish the virtual city of its capital, Seoul. With the project called “Metaverse Seoul”, those living in the city will be able to tour the city virtually.

The South Korean capital has invested KRW 3.9 billion (about €2.8 billion) into the project, as part of the city’s mayor Oh Se-hoon's Seoul Vision 2030 plan. If this project becomes a reality, Seoul citizens will soon be able to put on their VR headsets to meet city officials for virtual consultations. They will even be able to attend mass events.

Metaverse Seoul

Park Jong-soo, Director General of Smart City Policy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, used the following statements.

   "Seoul will pioneer a new continent called 'Metaverse Seoul' by combining public demand with private technology."

After the country's interesting steps in the Metaverse space, Meta's representative in South Korea, Jung Ki-hyun, said at a press conference that the country is one of the best environments for the Metaverse to develop.

Jung stated that South Korea fits comfortably into the Metaverse space, as there are companies such as Oculus Quest that produce original VR devices in the country.


According to a report by the Korean Ministry of Science, the country's VR market grew by more than an annual average of 36% in 2018, proving that South Korea is a good environment for the Metaverse space.

Emphasizing that the point of focus in the metaverse field is to create a suitable Metaverse ecosystem for users and content developers, Jung stated that Meta has made great efforts to build the metaverse ecosystem.

Finally, Jung added that virtual goods created in the Metaverse will be widely accepted through NFT technology, which aims to make them workable across various platforms.