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Solana Intends to Revolutionize Web3 with Saga

Solana Labs has announced the launch of its Android operating system-based Web3 smartphone, which it has high hopes for. Solana aims to introduce users to Blockchain technology with the smartphone it designed. In the post shared on Twitter, it was announced that the phone is available for sale in the USA, Canada, European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the highlights of the smartphone, called Saga, include a simplified Web3 experience with “Seed Vault”, a method protected by biometric authentication and encryption. Saga users will thus be able to access decentralized applications via the Solana dApp Store without having to sign transactions via a desktop web browser.

In the continuation of the statement, it was reported that the pre-orders started to come and the smartphone will start to be sold in more countries soon. Solana Labs developers are very ambitious that Saga will revolutionize the Web3 industry. Promising a unique experience to its users, Saga has features such as trading on Web3, crypto-asset trading, printing NFT, playing blockchain games and accessing decentralized applications. Another new feature that comes with the smartphone Saga is that users have an NFT called Saga Genesis Token after installing the device. With this NFT, users will be able to access some exclusive decentralized apps on the Solana dApp Store.

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