Solana CEO Says “Ignorance” for Allegations

Solana, which is seen as a competitor of Ethereum, has recently added a new one to the network outage problems that have been going on for years. There was an outage in the Solana network last weekend. “Again?” In this problem, where the question comes to mind, the network could be activated in the second attempt. In the midst of all these processes, Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko began responding to criticism of the outages in the Solana network. However, Yakovenko commented “ignorance” on one criticism.

Anatoly Yakovenko, founder and CEO of Solana Labs, dismissed allegations that the network outages at Solana were caused by “high volumes of validator messages” and an “in-chain voting system.” The Solana Foundation, in a statement released Feb. 27, announced that the root cause of the last 20 hours of network outage could not be found. The team stated that they started to work on many unclear problems.

The crypto community, on the other hand, was frustrated by the network outages in Solana and the failure of the dev team to find the source of the problem. The allegations swirling in the community also caught the attention of the CEO of Solana. DBCryptoX claimed that the high volume of validator messages and on-chain votes clogged the network. This claim, which also attracted the attention of Yakovenko, received intense attention from the crypto community. Responding to DBCryptoX’s claim, Yakovenko stated that this claim was the product of “ignorance”. Yakovenko stated that these network activities, which are the subject of the allegations, are important in terms of security and high efficiency.

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