When GMT was listed on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume on March 9, it was just $0.01. The GMT token, which has risen to $ 3.83 these days, has increased by 36,550% in a 1.5-month period. STEPN (GMT), which comes with a new usage area, has started to be compared with the Shiba Inu in the market due to its rapid rise.

GMT is one of the tokens that individuals who play sports can earn while exercising in the application called STEPN, and is also used as the governance token of the application. People exercising using the STEPN app can also mine GST (Green Satoshi Token) along with GMT. The STEPN app is ranked 29th in the health and fitness category on the App Store.

Stepn Gmt

With the use of the STEPN app increasing day by day, as well as the continued trading of sneaker NFTs, the GMT price continues to rise without correction.

STEPN, which attracted great interest from crypto users, attracted attention with its different usage areas in the Blockchain network. STEPN, which wants to mobilize its users, in return allows people who do sports to earn crypto assets as passive income.

The STEPN project, which started its activities in August 2021, saw a serious rise in March with the support of Binance. Adopting the "take action to win" mentality, STEPN uses NFTs to distribute rewards to its users.


There are 4 different sneaker-themed NFTs in the app. Each NFT is associated with a different exercise level. Users who want to earn passive income, after purchasing NFT according to their own exercise methods, have the opportunity of passive income as they do sports.

This success of STEPN is also revealed in the first quarter report of 2022. According to the latest financial report, the company has made close to $27 million in profits from NFT sales. The company states that the profit is used to buy GMT in the market, and then it is removed from circulation by burning these GMTs.

With a new use case in the blockchain space, the extremely active team and the support of Binance, STEPN continues to attract attention. GMT, which has gained 300 percent in the last month, is currently the most valued crypto asset in the top 100.