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Significant NFT Development by Avalanche

Millions of Shopify merchants worldwide will now have the ability to design, print and sell non-fungiable tokens (NFTs) on the Avalanche (AVAX) network through the Venly Shopify app, thus generating a new source of revenue.

According to John Nahas, Vice President of Business Development at Avalanche, the app allows merchants to “rapidly develop their digital stores with the speed and environmental friendliness of Avalanche NFTs.” Emin Gun Sirer, founder of Avalanche, also commented on the development, highlighting the advantages of using the Avalanche network to support NFTs in Shopify. Sirer explained that the network’s fast transaction settlement and ease of implementation make it an ideal choice for both consumers and merchants.

The Avalanche founder stated that for consumers, purchasing NFTs through an e-commerce platform should be as easy as on traditional Web2 platforms, and that only AVAX’s speed can match that experience. Sirer emphasized that the Venly app for vendors allows them to design, print, sell and track Avalanche NFTs without prior knowledge of the blockchain or the need to write code.

The ability for Shopify merchants to sell NFTs directly in their own stores opens the market to a broad audience and expands access to on-chain NFTs, benefiting both buyers and sellers. This development is an important step forward in the mainstream adoption of NFTs. The integration of Avalanche NFTs into the Shopify platform marks a major milestone in mainstream adoption of non-fungible tokens.

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