Leading the increase in the number of active addresses, Binance Smart (IS:SMART) Chain (BSC), according to the data obtained, reached 10.4 million addresses in January. In terms of volume, the Blockchain network of the world's largest exchange was followed by the Ethereum network with 5.44 million active addresses. These two major Blockchain networks were followed by Ronin with 3.4 million, Polygon with 2.36 million, Avalanche with 714 thousand addresses and Fantom with 414 thousand active addresses.


Increasing interest in Binance Smart Chain-based projects

This significant increase in the number of active addresses on Binance Smart Chain can be interpreted as users show great interest in new projects launched on the Blockchain network. BSC-based decentralized exchanges PancakeSwap and PooCoin are platforms where new cryptocurrencies are launched almost every day. Although there are no profitable transactions in most of these emerging projects, Baby Dogecoin (BabyDoge), which has become popular recently, has become one of the prominent projects.

The increase in the number of active addresses in the Ethereum network is attributed to the NFT sector and play-to-win games. While the NFT sector continues to be in demand in 2022, the Ethereum network, which has the dominant market share in this sector, hosts transaction volumes of billions of dollars. OpenSea, the best known among Ethereum-based NFT platforms, broke a new record with a transaction volume approaching 5 billion dollars in January.

On the other hand, large amounts of Ether outflows from the crypto money exchange Binance have attracted attention in recent days. The most notable among these large transfers was 90,000 ETH, which was withdrawn from Binance to an anonymous wallet. Popular Blockchain network monitoring account Whale reported that the transaction took place in 3 transfers. According to today's Ethereum price, this amount of Ether extracted from Binance is worth about $ 200 million.