During the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple, the judge of the court, Sarah Netburn, made a critical decision. In the final hearing between the SEC and Ripple, the court rejected the SEC's request that William Hinman's views not be taken into account, citing attorney-client privilege.

The SEC has been pushing for an embargo on this important piece of evidence for some time. However, Judge Sarah Netburn did not interpret these comments as attorney-client privilege and ordered that the documents be presented to the court. Following this decision, the SEC is expected to appeal as a counter move. The regulatory authority has the right to appeal this decision within 14 days.

The William Hinman documents, which the SEC is persistently trying to keep out of the lawsuit, contain the views of the SEC's former Corporate Finance executive Hinman in 2018. In this talk, Hinman states that Ethereum (ETH) does not qualify as a security. According to this view, Ripple is making an effort to strengthen the claim that XRP was similarly not seen as a security at that time.

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While the SEC claimed that Hinman had discussed the matter with some of the institution's lawyers prior to the disclosure, it wanted the document to be treated as attorney-client privilege, while the Ripple side insisted that Hinman's individual lawyers were not clients and accordingly the documents should be submitted to the court. Ultimately, Judge Sarah Netburn decided that these documents, which were expected to affect the litigation process, should be presented to the court.

After this important decision by the court, XRP holders interpreted this situation as a victory on social media platforms and welcomed it with enthusiasm. Ripple's lawyer, Jeremy Hogan, in a statement on Twitter, evaluated the decision as a legal victory. Hogan expressed his satisfaction, claiming that the court had correctly interpreted the SEC's attempted deception.

XRP price, on the other hand, is up by 2.5 percent today, in the general market trend, which continues its downtrend this week. XRP/USD is approaching the $0.32 level with the purchases coming today, after falling to $ 0.3 with sales that started at $ 0.34 last weekend.