Short and Long Term BTC Forecast from Two Experts

Many names voice their predictions about Bitcoin, which started to move sideways after rising to the level of $ 30,000 in June. Among them, Robert Kiyosaki, known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, made a new long-term price prediction for Bitcoin. On the other hand, John Bollinger, the developer of Bollinger bands, which is frequently used in technical analysis, also brought Bitcoin to his agenda and made a short comment on the latest situation of crypto money.

Robert Kiyosaki talked about the BRICS alliance this time in his frequent comments on the global economy. Kiyosaki claimed that the BRICS countries are in the final stages of creating a new currency by adopting the gold standard. Thinking that this move will disrupt the global dominance of the dollar, Kiyosaki said that the step to be taken by the BRICS countries will most likely be a gold-based cryptocurrency.

August 22, 2023, in Johannesburg, South Africa, BRICS nations announce gold backed crypto. US $ will die. Trillions of US $ rush home. Inflation through the roof. Buy Gold, Silver. Bitcoin to $120k next year.

Robert Kiyosaki continued to recommend investing in gold and silver in response to inflation, which he expects to peak, while predicting that the dollar will devalue soon. In this post, Kiyosaki, who made a prediction about the price of Bitcoin, claimed that the crypto money will reach 120,000 dollars in 2024.

Another name sharing about Bitcoin was John Bollinger, who developed the Bollinger bands indicator. The experienced trader made an important contribution to the easy detection of the volatility of the financial asset markets with the indicator he developed. Bollinger bands, which are also used to identify the support and resistance zones of assets, are an indicator frequently used by technical analysts.

SQUEEZE (says the python)

John Bollinger, while evaluating the latest situation of the Bitcoin market among his latest posts, briefly stated that the price is stuck. Referring to the current situation of Bollinger bands in this comment, which is far from price prediction, the trader hinted that there may be an increase in volatility in Bitcoin in a short time. However, Bollinger did not make a direction prediction for Bitcoin price, which could move in either direction.

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