After Facebook, many giant companies started to show great interest in Metaverse studies in order not to miss this new technological trend.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) developers want to rival Metaverse-related crypto projects like Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA). As part of their new project, called Shiba Lands, digital lands are planned to be available for sale very soon.

Holders of the decentralized exchange ShibaSwap token, Doge Killer (LEASH), will have priority purchase rights during the first sale phase of the Shiba Lands project. After this development, Doge Killer LEASH price saw an increase of more than 50 percent today. The Shiba Inu, on the other hand, has a weak price action today, despite being among the top 10 cryptoassets and most used smart contracts purchased by the top 1000 Ethereum wallets again this week.

shiba lands meta

Shiba Inu's Metaverse ecosystem is currently tentatively called Shibverse, with the developers announcing that a new name will be announced by the end of this month. The Shiba Inu team also signaled in their latest blog post that new partnerships will be formed for Metaverse projects.

The rapid rise of the Metaverse

MANA, the native token of Ethereum-based virtual reality platform Decentraland, has seen significant increases in value in the past, along with other Metaverse-related projects. Returning to 2021 year-end prices this week, MANA is at $ 3.4.


Famous Rap star Snoop Dogg's partnership with another leading Metaverse platform, The Sandbox, was one of the notable developments. In fact, an investor who wanted to be Snoop Dogg's neighbor in the virtual environment paid $ 450,000 for it. While the Sand token is changing hands at $ 4.7 today, it is struggling to break the resistance level at $ 4.9 according to past data this week.