SHIB started its operations on Metaverse 10 days ago through private sales, and during this period, a transaction volume of 20 million dollars has been reached. Now, the remaining virtual lands of 36,000 parcels will be opened to general sale transactions. With the start of general virtual land sales on the SHIB Metaverse, it is eagerly awaited whether there will be a transaction volume increase in the SHIB token.

The second phase of the Shiba Metaverse land sale is expected to conclude at 07:00 on Saturday morning. Users who locked their LEASH and Shiboshi NFTs participated in this special sale period. After the land sales made exclusively to LEASH token holders, SHIB token holders will now be able to participate in the third phase of virtual land sales.

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For the highly anticipated general sales event, some think that there will be high demand for virtual lands, such as Shiboshi NFTs, which are quickly sold, while others express that there are thousands of land parcels to be sold, while others intend not to act hastily.

The general sale of SHIB Metaverse plots will continue until the remaining 36,431 plots have been sold, after which the Metaverse will expand to 100,595 plots of land in the final analysis.

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People who buy land in the Metaverse can monitor the value of these virtual properties from the SHIB Yard OpenSea collection. It has been seen that the most expensive land so far has been sold for 1 ETH. Since the opening, it has been reported that 6,942 ETH sales worth approximately $20.8 million have been made. The developer team stated that this amount will be used in the development of SHIB Metaverse.

According to Etherscan data, 3,830 wallets now have SHIB Yard NFTs. In other words, these NFTs are the title deeds of the virtual lands they own in the SHIB Metaverse. Participants bought more than 15,200 plots in the first 10 days. This figure shows that 41 percent of the existing 36,431 plots have been sold.