SHIB Becomes Most Traded Cryptocurrency in India

One of India’s largest stock exchanges shared data for the week of April 15-20. In the share, it was noted that Shiba Inu was traded on Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies continue to spread around the world. However, the orientation of crypto money investors has changed over the years. CoinSwitch, one of the largest exchanges in India, shared some data for the week of April 15-20. In the shared data, the most traded assets per week were shared with users, while Shiba Inu, which surpassed Bitcoin, was at the top.

“Which of these coins starred in your portfolio last week? #SHIB #BTC #DOGE #LRC #ETH”

In addition to the reports from CoinSwitch, other leading crypto exchanges in India also made similar analyzes about the popularity of SHIB. WazirX announced in December 2022 that the Shiba Inu is the most popular asset among first-time traders in India. Additionally, SHIB became the fifth most traded asset on WazirX in 2022.

Another report in October 2022 revealed that SHIB was the most traded asset in India at that time.

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