Sepolia Shapella Upgrade Date Announced

In the largest altcoin Ethereum, eyes are turned to the highly anticipated upgrade Ethereum Shanghai/Shapella after the Merge upgrade that took place in September. With the Shanghai/Shapella upgrade planned to take place in March, there was a significant development in this regard as the developers approached the goal of withdrawing the Ethereum staked on the Beacon chain. Ethereum (ETH) core developer Tim Beiko announced today that the Sepolia Shapella upgrade is scheduled for February 28.

The Shanghai upgrade, also known as Shapella, is an upgrade that allows staked Ethereum to be withdrawn, and Shanghai and Shapella are names for the upcoming Ethereum hard fork.

According to the official announcement by the Ethereum Foundation, the Shapella (Shanghai/Capella) network upgrade will be activated on February 28 at 04:04:48 UTC, at epoch block height 56832, and on the Sepolia testnet.

To achieve the final upgrade scheduled for March, Ethereum developers have scheduled multiple public testing phases. In this context, the test to be held in Sepolia on February 28 appears as the second public testnet to implement the upgrade. Shapella/Shanghai was already tested on the Zhejiang testnet earlier this month, and testing had revealed some minor bugs.

After testing Shapella on the Sepolia network, developers will also have a test on the Goerli network in early March for the final phase before the Shanghai mainnet launch, which is expected in March.

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