In the long-term outlook, bullish prospects remain for cryptocurrencies. Analysts also convey their comments on one of the most popular topics of recent times, the metaverse.

"Cryptocurrency market will continue to be volatile"

The crypto market is pretty calm after a wild week, with Bitcoin and Ethereum trading at $36,000 and $2,380 respectively. The price movements of cryptocurrencies continue to be closely linked to US stocks, which came under pressure in light of Wednesday's hawkish Fed announcement. Edward Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA, uses the following statements.

   “Bitcoin's roller coaster ride isn't over yet, as risky assets have impacted growing expectations that the Fed will adopt a more aggressive policy this year. The Fed got inflation wrong and its effort to raise interest rates this year is raising top-performing assets amid the pandemic slump. "

Edward Moya oanda

Moya stated that the next few months are expected to be volatile trading for crypto assets.

   “The Fed’s aggressive fight against inflation will ease as financial conditions are threatened. The next few months will continue to be very volatile for the crypto markets, but fundamentals still support an expanding formation for top-performing cryptos.”


"Fed drives the market"

GlobalBlock analyst Marcus Sotiriou pointed out that the issue of the Fed's interest rate hike in March is currently in the driver's seat of the crypto market. Sotiriou noted that cryptocurrencies and stocks will struggle for the next month or two – until the next Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting in March. Sotiriou used the following statements:

   "The most recent sale was driven mainly by macroeconomic conditions. The Fed's actions are driving the market right now. The Fed doesn't seem too bothered by the drop in valuations. Its main concern is solving supply chain issues. Trade will be a bit rough. Institutions will try to hedge against a rate hike in March. It is not yet clear whether there will be a double rate hike. But when people see that nothing has changed when the Fed goes to a 2.5 percent rate hike, the crypto market may start to rise again. The long-term outlook is still very optimistic.” CEO Andrew Kiguel

Bitcoin, Web3 and metaverse comments from CEO CEO Andrew Kiguel said that such high volatility is nothing new to the crypto space, noting that such moves are part of a larger pattern. According to Kiguel, crypto will have another good year. Kiguel states that it has been forgotten that BTC has doubled over the course of 2021. This year, Kiguel sees a split between the price of Bitcoin and the price of other Web3-interested crypto assets such as Ethereum. Kiguel thinks that BTC could settle in the $80,000 to $100,000 range this year, while suggesting that ETH could gain another 400 percent. Kiguel uses the following expressions:

   “There will be more separation between Bitcoin and Web3 assets. The main catalyst for Bitcoin will be the regulator. Ethereum will be driven by Web3 developments, including the metaverse, games and DeFi. In light of this price split, Ethereum will once again outperform Bitcoin in 2022. Bitcoin is likely to close the year 40-50 percent higher than it did in 2021. Ethereum will have a much bigger rise because it completes its transition to Proof-of-Stake, which makes it possible for NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse It will make it much faster and more convenient for you.”

Shakepay CEO Jean Amiouny

"If you have Bitcoin, you are richer."

Shakepay CEO Jean Amiouny points out that Bitcoin will resonate with more investors, with inflation in the US at 40-year highs. The expert uses the following expressions:

   “Bitcoin is still going through the adoption phase. It was created as a way for individuals to save money in a decentralized way. Higher inflation shows that the dollar is not a way to accumulate wealth. Bitcoin is somehow reversing the norm. It is money because it has a fixed supply. A better savings "In the short term, the price is volatile. But if you've used Bitcoin as a savings account in the last decade or even the last few years, you're definitely richer today than in the past. I predict that will hold true in the long run as well."