Senator Excited and Confident for BTC

At a summit he attended, the US Senator explained his Bitcoin trading strategy and conveyed his thoughts on Bitcoin. US Senator Ted Cruz displayed significant enthusiasm and bullishness towards the cryptocurrency Bitcoin at a Bitcoin policy summit hosted by Swan Bitcoin. Cruz stated that he buys Bitcoin periodically every Monday and has recently bought Bitcoin price drops.

The Texas Senator said the comparison between Bitcoin and digital gold was convincing, and he was firm in his belief that Bitcoin is the alpha in the crypto space. The Senator also stated that he has a pending order to buy more Bitcoin next Monday morning and is willing to tolerate the volatility that comes with long-term investing in risky assets like cryptocurrencies.

Cruz maintains its reliance on the 21 million Bitcoin limit that was hard-coded into the digital currency at the time of its creation. In his address to the panel, Cruz noted that he sees this figure as a hedge against inflation, especially when US politicians are printing money at an alarming rate and combined with the Fed’s relentless rate hikes.

I’m quite happy, I bought the bottom and I’m also a long-term investor, so I’m okay with some volatility. I know there will be ups and downs, but 21 million is a sure number.

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