Gary Gensler, Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), left the question of whether Ethereum (ETH) is an unregistered security in a program he attended on CNBC.

   "We do not participate in such public forums. We are not talking about any project or contingency. We do not provide legal advice."

Gary Gensler said that thousands of crypto projects aim to raise money from people, but it is also important for them to share a series of statements about investors.

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The head of the SEC claimed that many cryptocurrency projects that are a security try to look like something else so as not to bother with registering with the SEC. Gensler lamented the lack of alignment in the industry.

   "Unfortunately, many of these are trying to say 'we are not securities.' 'We are something else.'

Gensler said the SEC would not comment on specific cryptos, and has repeatedly left the same question unanswered during his tenure.

Important statements about the future of Ethereum from the famous investor!

Joey Krug, chief investment officer of Pantera Capital, made important statements about the future of Ethereum (ETH).

One of the most valuable projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is Ethereum (ETH), led by Vitalik Buteri. Ether, which has proven itself with the innovations it has brought to the market and is the most valuable asset of the crypto market after Bitcoin, is the most serious rival of the leader with its plans for the future.

The famous investor states that Ethereum has steadily developed its network to the point of being a quality hub for financial services, taking on the responsibility of leading the decentralized finance or DeFi niche. Joey Krug believes that decentralized finance will be the cornerstone of the investment and financial development industries in the future.

At the same time, he said that networks like Solana are not possible to replace Ethereum compared to Ethereum and that he does not believe that its competitors could pose a major threat to Ethereum's dominance at this stage.