Scaramucci: “It’s Bitcoin Time”

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of asset management company SkyBridge Capital, said that now is the time to invest, stating that Bitcoin is approaching the bottom. Speaking at Davos, Scaramucci emphasized that long-term crypto investors should maintain a three to five-year outlook.

Expressing that the bottom levels are close, the investor said, “I encourage people to invest now.” Expressing that he is very optimistic about cryptocurrencies, Scaramucci said, “I don’t think you can predict these markets in the short term.”

SkyBridge Capital, the investment firm founded by Anthony Scaramucci, has $2.2 billion in assets. Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX bought a 30 percent stake in SkyBridge in September. Scaramucci, in a statement last week, stated that they wanted to buy back the shares they sold.

FTX and SkyBridge had a $45 million financial relationship. SkyBridge sold FTT, the crypto currency of FTX, which was later bought for $ 10 million, with a loss of $ 9.6 million. Scaramucci also changed his view on Sam Bankman-Fried and made the statement, “It is now very clear that it is fraud.”

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