Scaramucci Criticizes SEC Chairman Gensler

Anthony Scaramucci, who was on the agenda last year with the shares his company SkyBridge sold to FTX just 2 months before it went bankrupt, joined The Block’s podcast. Evaluating the latest developments, the famous fund manager brought harsh criticism to SEC chairman Gary Gensler and Congressman Elizabeth Warren, who is known for being anti-crypto.

Claiming that Warren’s support of Biden in the 2020 elections was rewarded by reaching the position of president in charge of financial services, Scaramucci said that Gensler was also his “supporter”:

Gary Gensler is an ambitious, uniform-minded person… Warren backed Biden in 2020 and became like the head of financial services. He acts as if he will decide all banking matters himself. Gensler is his side too… Both want to thwart crypto innovation. Gensler’s sole purpose is to rise politically. He doesn’t care about the American people.

Stating that Gensler had a very bad management in regulating cryptocurrencies, Scaramucci gave the example of Coinbase and casino.

For Coinbase and other cryptocurrency exchanges, he calls it a ‘crypto casino’. Then regulate them like a casino! No casinos in America? They are all regulated. If you’re going to sue Coinbase and you claim that the way it works is breaking the law, why did you let them? Coinbase is a publicly traded company listed on the Nasdaq…

Stating that Gensler is a very bad regulator, Scaramucci claimed that the US will lag behind in the crypto space because of “people like Gensler”:

Coinbase showed the Bermuda option. There are other islands. Places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong are also calling crypto companies. Unfortunately, Gensler and Warren do not want technological developments. Because of what Gensler did, the United States may lag behind in this regard. Companies can flee to other countries.

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