SBI Japan and Ripple Partner for Web3

Recently, many companies have been collaborating to take their work one step further within the framework of Web3 and new technology. Finally, one of these collaborations was between SBI Japan and Ripple.

SBI Japan stated that there are new moves in both the crypto sector and Web3 services. SBI Japan, one of Ripple’s leading partners, has set out to strengthen its Web3 efforts. The move aims to attract more crypto-related institutional clients, including offerings via Web3 and Ripple, both sides said.

Classifying its Web3 business under non-financial businesses, the company announced that it will begin to strengthen its reach in the Web3 industry to increase its customer base and revenue. So far, SBI Japan has focused its crypto client base and revenue on the crypto-assets swap business provided through SBI VC Trade.

WrathofKahneman, a prominent XRP community influencer, recently highlighted this proposed change to the business model by highlighting a graphic from SBI Japan’s annual report. In addition, SBI Japan, which has lost power in the crypto field since 2022, stated that this situation will recover by taking new steps in various fields.

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