Michael Saylor talked about Bitcoin regulations. Saylor said that strict regulations by governments in the crypto space will act as a catalyst for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Participating in the Squawk On The Street program, Saylor stated that the regulatory clarity that will be brought to the crypto space will benefit Bitcoin and accelerate its institutional adoption.

Michael Saylor saylor

The famous CEO, one of the leading supporters of Bitcoin, said that he believes the widespread adoption of BTC will stabilize the market.

   "We have a solid path technically, economically, morally and politically, and that path is called Bitcoin. I think people are starting to realize that now."

Saylor also added that the SEC's approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF will play an important role in the general adoption of Bitcoin and crypto.

Microstrategy, the largest institutional Bitcoin investor, announced on Tuesday that it had bought new Bitcoin. Saylor said the company had 125,051 Bitcoins from MicroStrategy as of January 31, along with 660 Bitcoins they received worth 25 million.