Saylor: BTC Is This Country’s Only Salvation

Michael Saylor, the founder and chairman of the board of MicroStrategy, which draws attention with its Bitcoin investments, made important statements about Bitcoin on Twitter. He stated that the only hope of Nigeria, which is in an economically difficult situation, is in Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor, who resigned from his position as the CEO of MicroStrategy, which he founded in the past months, announced that he made such a decision to focus more on Bitcoin in his separation statement. As a matter of fact, after the breakup, Saylor said what he said and Saylor started to talk more about Bitcoin issues.

Saylor, who recently discussed the well-known misconceptions about Bitcoin mining, finally shared about Nigeria. Saylor, who stated that the only hope for the salvation of Nigeria, which is having economic hard times, is Bitcoin, and stated that the value of Bitcoin will be understood much better over time.

Saylor also stated that the depreciation of the Nigerian Naira, the official currency of Nigeria, will continue. Saylor stated that the only way to recover from this loss is for Nigeria to switch to Bitcoin as its official currency.

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