Tesla CEO Elon Musk humorously commemorated the creator(s) of Bitcoin (BTC). With the image he shared on Twitter, Musk reached the words "Satoshi Nakamoto" by putting some letters of their names in the logos of many famous brands.

Musk, using the letters of brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, Motorola, humorously commemorated Bitcoin and its creator. This tweet of Musk also aroused excitement in the cryptocurrency community.

Bitcoin was already on the rise after the mistakenly published statements of US Treasury Secretary Yellen. It is eagerly awaited whether Musk's tweet about Bitcoin will have an impact on the price.

Bitcoin (BTC) Rises Above $41,000 After Yellen's Crypto Statement Is Released

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's statement on President Joe Biden's executive order on digital assets talks about efforts to support innovation while addressing risks in the industry.

Bitcoin (BTC) was bullish in the early hours of Wednesday. This came after the statements of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen were accidentally published prematurely. Yellen's statement was published the day before and was quickly deleted. The statement included details of Biden's forthcoming executive order: Calling for a "coordinated and comprehensive approach to digital asset policy."

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Yellen's statement states that the executive order "could bring significant benefits to the nation, consumers and businesses", while also saying that it will "address the risks associated with illegal financing, protect consumers and investors, and prevent threats to the financial system and the broader economy." Yellen also outlines the Treasury Department's next step in learning to understand and regulate digital assets. “Under the executive order, the Treasury will partner with its cross-agency colleagues to produce a report on the future of money and payment systems,” Yellen said in a statement.

After the publication of these statements, there was an increase in the price of Bitcoin (BTC).