Santiment: Whales Collect BTC

The uptrend in Bitcoin (BTC) seems to have ended or paused. BTC, which is still not able to rise above the level of 24 thousand dollars, is gradually causing investors to be suspicious. However, when we look at crypto whales, it is observed that they have made very serious purchases at these levels in recent days.

According to Santiment, a successful data provider, a crypto whale bought 13,369 Bitcoins at these levels. It was noteworthy that this purchase, worth 313 million dollars, was the biggest movement of the last 4 weeks. Santiment conveyed the following words about this purchase on its official Twitter account:

‘8 hours ago, the largest #Bitcoin transaction in 4 weeks took place. This brand new whale address went from nothing to suddenly holding ~13,369 $BTC (worth ~$313.1M) after a single transfer. Track this wallet here as prices fluctuate going forward.’

Although the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a rise of close to 50 percent from the bottom level, it should not be forgotten that it is still 66 percent behind the peak. Bitcoin, which is still trading at very cheap levels for the long term, can target 30 thousand dollars if it breaks the 25 thousand dollar resistance level volatilely in the future.

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