Crypto analysis company Santiment says that as of this week, huge movements have occurred in Bitcoin. Whales continue to store Bitcoin during these times when the leading cryptocurrency is falling. The whales who buy BTC withdraw the Bitcoins they buy from the exchanges. BTCs exiting the stock markets are reducing the selling pressure on the leading crypto currency day by day.

According to Santiment's data, whales were only at 2300 transactions in early April. As of today, this value has reached 4000 transaction levels.


The whales, which appeared on the scene again with the decline of Bitcoin, do not seem to allow the leading crypto currency to depreciate further. The whales, which have traded at least $1 million in recent days, continue to defend the $39,000 support found on the Bitcoin chart.

Santiment; "Big rises in trading is the most important thing we're looking for for the next price jump after April's decline." made the statement.

Believing that large increases in the transaction rates of whales can create a price jump after the incoming decreases, Santiment claims that the leading crypto money can make new rises in the future. As the whale activation in Bitcoin continues to rise, the probability of the leading cryptocurrency making drastic upward moves is also increasing.

In Bitcoin (BTC) This Week To Follow FED Members Speeches

Just days before the FED's announcement of the new interest rate decision, the members will make statements in order this week. Jim Bullard, Gary Gensler and Raphael Bostic will announce their expectations for the Fed's rate hike. These statements can determine the US stock market and which direction the crypto market will take.

US Federal Reserve

Members, who think that the FED should increase interest rates by at least 50 basis points due to inflation, are expected to prepare the markets for this rate hike with their statements as of this week.

As of now, US stock markets and Bitcoin, which have priced a 50 basis point increase in interest rates, are expected to rise if a decision is made at this level. Experts, who believe that the FED will not raise interest rates below 50 basis points, claim that the markets will rise sharply in the event of a 25 basis point increase in interest rates.