Santiment: Keep These 3 Altcoins On Your Radar

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment has shared an interesting analysis of some altcoins. According to Santiment, whale transactions for Litecoin (LTC) look much higher than in the first half of December. Santiment also shared its assessment for cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s native tokens BNB and BUSD.

According to the analysis company’s statement, jumps were observed in transactions over $ 1 million in BNB and BUSD tokens. Santiment said the three altcoins in question should be on users’ radar:

“#Litecoin whale transactions have been much higher than normal in the second half of December. Additionally, #Binance’s native tokens $BNB and $BUSD are both seeing high spikes in $1M+ valued transactions of their own. Keep these assets on your radar.”

Another cryptocurrency analyst, Rekt Capital, evaluated Bitcoin in his analysis shared on Twitter:

“This is the first time BTC has ever turned its 200-week Moving Average (200MA) into resistance. It may also be the first time BTC has formed the first bottom of the Macro Double Dip below the 200MA. The 200MA could be a valuable breakout point for a new uptrend.”

Currently, BTC is down -57% after the Death Cross in January 2022. In the previous Death Crosses, there was a decrease of -42%, -55%, -65%, -71%. However, Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor shared that he bought a large amount of additional BTC, but there was no significant reaction in the BTC price.

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