Santiment evaluates the bullish potential of 5 altcoins

While Bitcoin lost its upward momentum after the gains in the first quarter of the year, the eyes were turned to the altcoin market. In the last 3-month period, in which Bitcoin dominance continued to decline, some market commentators expected a rise for cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, which is called altcoin season. However, as Bitcoin remains the coin that dominates the market, the bearish trend in the largest cryptocurrency seems more likely to affect the market overall. Despite this, some altcoins can show short-term rises from time to time with price movements that diverge from the market.

Blockchain analytics platform Santiment, in its latest report, focused on 5 altcoins that are likely to perform effectively in the short term using on-chain data. Santiment analysts shared their views that the market has continued to lose value since June and that the existing regions can be used as a buying zone.

In the post, Santiment said that there has been some activity in the altcoin market this week, but the losses experienced in the summer period have not yet been compensated. However, altcoins featured by Santiment; It became DODO, GALA, MAGIC, MASK and SRM.

Altcoins have shown some mild signs of life thus far this week, but certainly not enough to make up for big trader losses that have accumulated since June. With that said, many are seeing historic opportunities to rise, such as $DODO, $GALA, $MAGIC, $MASK, and $SRM.

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