Santiment Evaluated ADA: “Lower Than It Should Be”

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment claimed in its new statement that the current value of an altcoin may actually be much lower than it should be.

According to Santiment’s post on Cardano (ADA), “One of Santiment’s key community members is certainly seeing data supporting this, such as sharks and whales (holding 100,000 to 10 million ADA) that have been accumulating aggressively in the last 6 weeks.” According to the said analyst’s statement, the divergence between the ADA price and the transactions made by the whales may be in favor of the bull.

According to the analyst, there is also some data that could be considered a sign of fatigue among sellers. The analyst says that with each price drop, fewer ADA tokens are transferred at their expense. The analyst also shared a warning about his analysis of the ADA token as follows:

“However, it is difficult to accurately assess the validity of this analysis without any other data. It is important to consider multiple factors when making investment decisions and to carefully evaluate the available data.”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said in a recent statement that he was glad they weren’t listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

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