SandStorm is getting ready to go live on Polygon and Ethereum. The Metaverse project, SandStorm, introduced the new platform and NFT marketplace at the conference in Texas.

SandStorm's new platform will be aimed at major brands that have not yet made their way into the Metaverse. SandStorm also continues to promote the blockchain-based virtual world with its Web3 engineers. In the statement made by the platform, thanks to the cooperation with Polygon, it will be possible for users to save on gas fees.

Unlike many different NFT projects, SandStorm will focus primarily on one-on-one parts, according to Project CEO Steve McGarry.

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Managed to Raise 2.5 Million Dollars of Funds

Before the launch, the project, which entered the "Seed Funding" stage, managed to collect $ 2.5 million in funds. Joining Seed Funding include The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget, Fenbushi Capital, Sanctor Capital, The Sandbox and Rarestone Capital. The project plans to bring together developers from different areas of the industry in the Metaverse area.

“The Sandbox is very excited about the investment in SandStorm,” said Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox. CEO McGarry emphasizes that the project is in “extraordinary demand” and that 50 different brands and 500 developers are already waiting to develop NFT on the platform.

The launch of SandStorm came at a time when mainstream interest in the Metaverse was kicking off. Since October 2021, when Facebook announced that it would return to Meta and open the Metaverse, brands such as Adidas, Nike, War Music, and JPMorgan entered the metaverse space together with NFT.