According to the data shared by WhaleStats, ETH, USDC, USDT and SAND are among the most purchased cryptocurrencies by the top 100 Ethereum whales in the last week, respectively.

According to WhaleStats data, ETH ranked #1, USDC #2, USDT #3 and SAND #4 among the top 10 most bought cryptocurrencies by the top 100 Ethereum whales in the last 1-week time frame. BUSD, DAI, APE, MATIC, LINK, and YFI follow the above four coins on the list of most bought cryptocurrencies by Ethereum whales in the last 1-week time frame.

ETH whales found that while they bought Blockchain-based gaming ecosystem Sandbox (SAND) for an average of $493,764, they sold an average of $501,243 worth of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) in the same timeframe. SAND also has one of the highest outflows among Ethereum whales at $413,765, but the total net inflow is $79,999, according to the data.


SAND, which has not been able to give the expected response to the rise of Bitcoin like MANA, has managed to become the focus of whales in recent days. As the whales continue to invest in SAND, they think The Sandbox will be valued sharply in the future. Altcoins bought by whales can show sharp rises from time to time. Some cryptocurrencies, which break down thanks to the volume entry, can attract the attention of the crypto community and turn their rise into an avalanche.

The Sandbox (SAND) price is $2.98 at the time of writing, according to Coinecko data. SAND's trading volume in the last 24 hours is $259,312,665. SAND price is down -2.0% in the last 24 hours. While there is a supply of 1.2 Billion SAND coins in circulation, there is a total supply of 3 Billion coins. Binance is currently the most active market for SAND trading.