South Korean giant technology company Samsung plans to move forward in the metaverse space, opening a store in the leading metaverse project Decentraland (MANA) in early 2022.

Jong-Hee Han, Vice President and CEO of Samsung, one of the largest electronics companies in South Korea, made the following statements at the shareholders meeting held recently:

   "We consider the robotic technologies and metaverse field as a great opportunity for the growth of our company. As a company, we will increase our work on metaverse devices."


Stating that they plan to grow with Metaverse, Jong-Hee underlined that the company will also explore new business areas such as metaverse and robot technologies.

   "As a Samsung company, we have major investment plans in terms of recruitment and development of this technology. We will definitely not make any restrictions on company acquisitions regarding technology-supporting Robot technology. I will not give an exact time for these acquisitions, but we are working on growth without slowing down. As a Samsung company, we We will find the most suitable metaverse devices for them to gain experience in the metaverse space, and we will do our best to improve them."

Han, who made similar statements at the mobile technology congress in Barcelona in February 2022, said that for customers who want to buy metaverse devices separately, wait for Samsung to release these metaverse devices.


The news that Samsung will focus on metaverse devices is not Samsung's first move in the metaverse space. As you may recall, Samsung recently aroused great public interest by announcing that it had moved its Samsung 837 store, one of the most popular among its stores, to the Decentraland metaverse universe with the name Samsung 837X. While it was stated that live music events and many other events would take place in this store of Samsung, it was also announced that land and wearable products that could be used in the metaverse could be purchased from this store.