While the metaverse madness continues to increase all over the world, giant companies are trying to gain a place in the metaverse quickly. South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced that it has moved the famous Samsung 837 store in New York City to the metaverse universe.

Samsung 837, the flagship of Samsung stores, was added to Decentraland under the name Samsung 837X. It was stated that there will be missions, live music events and many more activities in and around this store, and it was stated that land and wearable products that can be used in the metaverse can also be purchased from the store.

samsung 837x

Giving brief information about the store created in Decentraland, the technology giant also announced that a limited number of examples of NFT badges and Samsung Decentraland wearables can be won by visiting here on the metaverse.

You need MetaMask wallet and Decentraland account to visit Samsung's store and get a chance to win NFT. After creating a MetaMask wallet, you must register with Decentraland with that wallet.


To visit Samsung's store on Decentraland, it will be enough to follow these steps.

  • If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, install the MetaMask extension in your browser (supported Brave, Firefox, Edge or Chrome).
  • Open the plugin and click 'Get Started' > 'Create a Wallet' > 'Agree'.
  • Create a password to use when accessing your wallet.
  • Be sure to record the statements given to you that will save your wallet.
  • Now your MetaMask wallet has been created.


How to visit Samsung's store in Decentraland?

  • Go to Decentraland island where the Samsung 837X store is located.
  • On the page that opens, click on the 'Play using your wallet' option.
  • Confirm the connection of your wallet and Decentraland in the MetaMask plugin that opens.
  • You have now reached the island where the Samsung 837X store is located. You can walk around the store by going through the doors.
  • If you are logging into Decentraland for the first time, you can access this island after creating your Avatar and completing the tutorial.

wear samsung 837x

To win NFT badges and wearables from Samsung, you must do the following.

  • In order to earn a badge in the game, you have to complete the given tasks. As you complete these tasks, you can collect badges. For example, the missions above are what you need to do to earn a badge.
  • Collect any of the badges found in the area. 'The Epic Wearable Collection' consisting of 2 items will be awarded to 727 random visitors.
  • Collect two badges. 'The Legendary Wearable Collection' consisting of 3 items will be awarded to 100 random visitors.
  • Collect each of the four badges. 10 random visitors will be awarded 'The Mythic Wearable Collection' consisting of 3 items.
  • These wearables, which are NFTs, can be sold in the Decentraland market. The event will last until January 9 at 03:00 CEST. Wearable NFTs will be awarded to randomly selected people on 8 January at 04:37 CET. There will also be a live DJ and dance party at the store at this hour.