Rolex Files NFT-Focused Trademark Application

Luxury watchmakers continue to be interested in crypto. Luxury watchmaker Rolex enters the metaverse with crypto and NFT trademark applications.

According to the information recently conveyed by trademark and patent attorney Michael Kondoudis, Rolex has filed trademark applications related to cryptocurrencies, metaverses and NFTs.

According to the document announced by Kondoudis, Rolex has drawn the boundaries of the commercial patent and trademark application as follows: Downloadable software for Blockchain technology, Digital wallets, Online areas where buyers and sellers can come together for virtual products.

Rolex is not the first luxury watch manufacturer to step into the crypto universe. Many of the brands that produce expensive and rare products want to find a place for themselves in the digital universe. Last May, another Swiss watch manufacturer, TAG Heuer, announced that it was accepting crypto payments for its products sold in the US. Breitling was added in the summer to watch manufacturers that receive payments with crypto. TAG Heuer added NFT imaging feature to a smart watch model it produces. Hublot, one of the competitors of TAG and Rolex, announced that it will produce a Bitcoin-themed watch at the end of August.

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