The effect of the decline in the crypto money market continues. CoinFlex said that it had liquidity problems, citing Roger Ver's failure to pay his debt. After CoinFlex announced that it had a liquidity problem, it closed its withdrawals from the platform. Company CEO Mark Labm made the following statements in a post he made:

   "Roger Ver owes CoinFlex 47 million USDC. We have a contract with him that he will regularly replenish his equity. If this debt is not paid, we will report it in default."

In response, Roger Ver claimed in an e-mail to Bloomberg that he did not owe CoinFlex. In addition, Ver said on Twitter that he is not in debt, and even CoinFlex owes him, “I want my funds back right now.” said.

According to the announcement made on June 28, CoinFlex is preparing a new token issuance with 20% annual return in order to solve liquidity problems and reactivate withdrawals.


Compass Mining CEO and CFO Resign from Company

Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting company Compass Mining lost one of its Maine-based hosting facilities after owner Dynamics Mining terminated the hosting contract between the two, claiming it had not paid the necessary bills. After this incident in the company, Compass Mining CEO Whit Gibbs and CFO Jodie Fisher announced that they resigned from their duties.

The company's statement cited "multiple setbacks and disappointments" that stood in the way of its ultimate mission to "make mining easy and accessible." Compass Mining announced that it has appointed Chief Technology Officer Paul Gosker and chief mining officer Thomas Heller as interim co-chairman and CEO, following the resignation of its two major executives. Meanwhile, the company's board of directors announced that they are looking for people who will take permanent positions for these positions. The statement made by the company included the following statements:

   “Through this restructuring, the company is fully focused on restoring the goodwill of our stakeholders and the community, and on fulfilling our mission of providing best-in-class service to cryptomining companies of all sizes.”