Roblox is hosting the first virtual VIP Party for the Brit Awards. In this VIP party, which is positioned as an after party, the favorite artist of the Z generation, PinkPantheress, will give a virtual performance. In addition to the physical event, the party and concert to be held at Roblox make the company's marketing processes a part of the metaverse "hype" as almost every brand desires right now.

Highlights of the Show will be broadcast on the "metaverse stage" at the virtual VIP party held between February 8 and February 13. The Brit Awards nominees and guests will show up at this virtual VIP party. Open to all attendees, the party offers a brand new alternative for celebrities to meet fans. According to Roblox, 20 people will be able to join each party instance per server.

brit awards 2022

Before the concert, the audience will be able to attend a play.

The company is trying to attract the attention of Generation Z by broadcasting the power of Roblox and PinkPantheress. PinkPantheress' concert will begin on February 11 at 20:00 Turkish time. At the concert, PinkPantheress' avatar will perform some of the singer's most popular songs, including Just For Me and Pain. Performances will be repeated every hour throughout the weekend.

Because unlike a broadcasting platform; The audience will be able to participate in a game where they earn points by completing the tasks in the task list given to them before the concert. In addition, viewers will be able to purchase products specially designed for the Brit Awards and interact with artists and celebrities through virtual meetings.


The concert will take place in a virtual world inspired by London. Adorned with neon lights, skyscrapers and structures like the London Eye, this virtual world offers Brit Awards fans a brand new environment to attend the event.

NFT will be sold by auction

Brit Awards has announced it will release an NFT collection designed by artist MRE and previous years' BRIT winners Dave and J Hus. Collaborating with Mastercard, the company states that NFTs will be used to commemorate the winners at the awards ceremony. Brit Awards will auction 250 editions in 13 categories with prices starting from £10.