RippleNet Exceeds 20 Million Transactions Limit

The United States-based financial technology startup Ripple has revealed that it has processed 20 million transactions since the launch of its XRP-based payment solution application RippleNet. WrathofKahneman, who is well-known in the Ripple community, once again praised the central blockchain initiative by sharing up-to-date statistics.

“70 payout markets today, including new regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, France, Sweded and more (up from 3 in 2020)”

Wrathof Kahneman; He emphasized that the RippleNet service is available in countries around the world such as Brazil, Singapore, England, UAE, Mexico. Kahneman thinks the payment tool makes things a lot easier for international transfers. According to the shared image, the number of transfers has exceeded 20 million since the emergence of RippleNet. The amount of monetary volume realized during the process was recorded as $ 30 billion. In another anecdote he shared, WrathofKahneman mentioned that the 70 countries served constitute 90% of the global foreign exchange market.

According to the information on the website of the US fintech company Ripple, RippleNet is an innovative payment system. Financial technology company; emphasizes that it makes money transfers cheaper, faster and more reliably through the network it has developed.

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