Although there has been a significant decline in the crypto markets, the development continues in the field of NFT and metaverse. Finally, Ripple, which we are used to hearing together with the SEC, said that I am also in the metaverse world with a new partnership.

Popular Blockchain networks Ripple collaborates with NFT and metaverse-focused FLUF World. The company announced the launch of Root Network, a decentralized blockchain network. The network aims to bring to life "The Open Metaverse", which will bring together multiple NFT collections with over 195,000 different items and more than 340,000 transactions.

fluf world ripple

While the developers of The Open Metaverse stated that they could not find a better foundation than the XRP Ledger to create such a complex structure, they decided to build the Root Network exactly on this Blockchain. However, the FLUF World developers added that while emphasizing the need for a completely separate network for the future Metaverse, they wanted to give each artist an interface where they could use all of their creativity without having to write or implement the contracts themselves.