Ripple CTO Asked Likely to Apple or Microsoft

The first move towards the employees of FTX, who are experiencing liquidity problems, and who are expected to be unemployed, came from the Ripple community.

While FTX’s search for liquidity continues, it is observed that the expectations for a positive result from this are quite low. While the bankruptcy of FTX is considered certain, there are evaluations that many employees will be unemployed and will experience great victimization because they keep all their assets in FTX.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz reminded FTX employees that Ripple is always recruiting and invited them in a call on his Twitter account.

“Hey, FTX people who have no issues with compliance, finance, and business ethics: Ripple is always hiring.”

Ripple, which continues to grow despite being in trouble with the SEC, is known to have more than 350 vacancies in Asia and North America. Therefore, it can be a good option for FTX employees.

“What are the chances of Ripple being acquired by huge tech companies like Apple or Microsoft?” one of his followers asked. Answering the question, the CTO stated that this is unlikely, but the main question here is what will happen to XRP.

The CTO said that if a company really wanted Ripple’s payment system RippleNET, XRP could be separated from it and RippleNET could be sold as a separate company. Expressing that this is possible in theory, the CTO added that he could not see a reason for such a purchase.

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