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Richmond to Design Outfits for ‘SHIB The Metaverse’

Shiba Inu’s fashion partner, John Richmond, invited members of the SHIB community to suggest outfits they dream of wearing in the SHIB metaverse. John Richmond asked the SHIB community to share their suggestions in the comment section of the tweet, adding Shiba Inu-related hashtags, including the upcoming L2 network Shibarium.

Members of the SHIB community took this opportunity to voice their own suggestions. A follower named 0xOshi, who reacted to the development, said that people wearing only John Richmond clothes in the metaverse could harm SHIB: The Metaverse in the long run. The Twitter user added that he hopes John Richmond will better understand Shiba Inu supporters and end the idea that SHIB Metaverse users only wear the fashion brand’s clothes. Another SHIB user said he asked John Richmond to design a comfortable jumpsuit with a Shiba design on one side.

Another user asked him to design Shiba Inu themed shoes such as boots and sneakers. Shibwhisperer shared a design that reads 50% Rock, 50% Roll. John Richmond has yet to show interest in any of the suggestions.

Richmond signed a partnership agreement with Shiba Inu last year to become the fashion partner of the cryptocurrency. After the partnership, John Richmond boosted the popularity of the Shiba Inu in the fashion world by dressing models in SHIB-themed outfits at different fashion events, including last year’s Milan Fashion Week.

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