Revolut CFO: Our Crypto Strategy Has Not Changed

The bear trend in the cryptocurrency market has hit the progress of many projects. In these turbulent times, cryptocurrencies continue to lose value. The harsh effects of the global economy and bad actors in the crypto market created a negative atmosphere. All these processes led to the bankruptcy of many crypto companies. On the other hand, regulation and control mechanisms have also accelerated. The CFO of Revolut believes that despite these market conditions, the crypto industry and FinTech company will go strong.

Crypto company Revolut has offered numerous features such as booking vacations, transferring money across borders, and insuring pets through the app.

Entering the crypto industry, the company is keeping the pulse of the markets with its own cryptocurrency, “Revcoin”. Revolut CFO Mikko Salovaara relies on their native token, Revcoin. In addition, the CFO stated that they are moving forward with their ambitious plans in this sector. “Our strategy with crypto has not changed and we see it as a long-term investment,” said Salovaara, unaffected by the conditions of the crypto market.

Revolut stands out with its crypto trading platform, native token and many innovative plans. That’s why the company’s CFO underlined that he believes in the progress of his company, whatever the circumstances.

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