Response to “10 billion XRP Buyback” Rumor from Schwartz

For a few days, rumors had been circulating among XRP investors that the Ripple company would repurchase 10 billion XRP. The source of the rumor was the news of a website called TheCryptoAlert. In the related news, it was stated that Ripple Labs announced that it will buy back 10 billion XRP. Officially, there was no such announcement.

The claim, which spread rapidly, reached the leading name of the XRP community, John Deaton. Deaton said he did not believe there would be a 10 billion XRP repurchase until a statement from Ripple came, and then a Ripple executive stepped in.

Ripple’s technology director, David Schwartz, denied the rumor. Schwartz clarified the issue on Twitter, stating that they bought XRP from time to time and did not remember anything about the 10 billion XRP buyback. The CTO also emphasized that the news is not based on an official source.

The XRP and Ripple front has been active lately. This mobility is largely due to the fact that the case, which has been going on for more than two years, has now come to an end and the outcome of the case will be announced within this year. On the other hand, the Ripple company accelerated its breakthroughs. Ripple, which bought shares from the leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, recently received a license from Singapore. Additionally, the company has partnered with the Central Bank of Colombia.

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