Research: Strong Investors Are Interested In Crypto

Research firm Coalition Greenwich announced that as a result of its research, high-wealth customers are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Regardless of the global economy, cryptocurrencies have become a developing and emerging medium. The development of technology and the beginning of a new era were also important factors. Such development of cryptocurrencies brought along the turbulent processes of the crypto market. The growing crowd of investors and the use of bad actors fueled the crypto bear market. However, research firm Coalition Greenwich revealed that 92 percent of high-net-worth clients are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Research firm Coalition Greenwich, together with Talos, investigated the interest of high-net-worth clients in cryptocurrencies. As a result of the study, it turned out that these customers were not affected by the atmosphere of fear in the cryptocurrency market. The research included 537 financial advisors in the United States. The interest of 35 percent of these people in cryptocurrencies has increased considerably in the last year. The remaining 30 percent stated that they have crypto assets. Commenting on this study, the company explained that current market conditions do not affect cryptocurrency adoption.

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