Report: What Does the Data Show for Metaverse?

Statista, one of the leading statistics company, has published a new report on worldwide metaverse revenues. In the published reports, data on many topics emerged, including the biggest drivers of metaverse revenues from market volume. According to Statista reports, the revenue of the metaverse ecosystem in 2030 will be approximately $490 billion. Previous research reports by other analytics companies had projected a market cap of approximately US$750 to US$1,700 billion.

From Statista’s perspective, the term metaverse is defined as a virtual world or a collection of virtual worlds that exist in a common digital space and that users can access over the internet. However, Metaverses include applications of virtual reality, augmented reality and other immersive technologies. Reports state that the biggest revenue drivers for Metaverses are e-commerce and games. In addition, metaverses open up new opportunities for revenue generation in the education, entertainment, health and fitness, and even remote work segments.

According to Statista reports, metaverse e-commerce sales may rise from around $20 billion in current location to over $200 billion by 2030. In addition, while the game industry is currently at the level of approximately 10 billion dollars, it is expected to increase to approximately 163 billion dollars in 2030. In addition to gaming and e-commerce sales, the next biggest applications for the metaverse ecosystem’s revenue could be health and fitness, workplace and education.

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