Report: How Interested in Bitcoin on the Institutional Side?

Crypto and digital asset management company CoinShares has publicly released its last weekly report for January. According to the report, after the rise in the market, assets transferred to crypto funds broke the record for the last 6 months.

Digital asset investment products received more than $100 million in a week for the first time since July 2022. While the weekly inflow was $117 million, after the November low, total investment in crypto funds rose 42% to $28 billion.

While a total inflow of $115.6 million was observed in Bitcoin funds, a small outflow of $6.4 million from the short Bitcoin fund was observed. Fund inflows in Ethereum, which experienced an outflow of $ 402 million in 2022, continued for the third week in a row, with an inflow of $ 2.3 million this week. Solana, which almost crashed with the FTX collapse, showed signs of recovery and became the choice of institutional investors. While there was an inflow of $ 1.1 million in Solana, $ 200 thousand in funding was seen in Polygon.

It was noteworthy that $ 6.4 million outflow from funds that manage multiple crypto assets. Experts interpreted this data as “institutional investors are careful in choosing crypto”.

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