Reply to BTC and BNB Claims from Zhao

The latest rumor spreading rapidly in the crypto money industry is that Binance is selling BTC to stabilize the falling BNB price. Changpeng Zhao, the boss of Binance, once again dismissed these claims, interpreting them as FUD.

Rumors about Binance continue after the US SEC filed a lawsuit against the exchange and its owner, Changpeng Zhao. Dark clouds have been intensifying over the crypto markets since last week. Many high-capital altcoins, especially BNB, have suffered heavy losses in the last week. Meanwhile, a claim against Binance caught the attention of all market participants. The latest rumor is about Binance’s alleged manipulation of surviving regulatory pressure by artificially raising its local presence.

“Binance have not sold BTC or BNB. We even still have a bag of FTT. It is amazing they can know exactly who sold based on just a price chart involving millions of traders. FUD.”

Binance CEO once again took the stage and responded on Twitter on this rumor. While CZ said that Binance is not selling BTC to support BNB, he even said that they still have a large amount of FTT on their hands. Binance CEO was surprised that some people claimed to know exactly who was selling on the multimillion-dollar price chart.

The claim emerged after some investors reported on Twitter an increase in BNB purchases shortly after a mass sale in Bitcoin. It was also claimed that these transactions were also supported by BUSD to prevent volatility. While these shares became a trend in a short time, they also sat on the agenda of the crypto market. In the time zone where the transactions allegedly accelerated, BNB closed the day above $ 230 with a quick reaction from this point after falling to the level of $ 220. While BNB has been on the rise since yesterday, it is currently the highest rising cryptocurrency in the top 10. The coin is trading at $250 today, up about 8% from the price of yesterday’s opening.

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