Reply from Yakovenko to Ethereum Community

Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of the Solana Blockchain network, responded to the community of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, in a post on the social media platform Twitter. In his statement, Yakovenko stated that Ethereum lacks the neutral reliability and fundamental philosophical aspects necessary for it to be considered a viable Layer 1 Blockchain platform.

‘Ethereum lacks neutral credibility, it’s no where as close to a public good as Solana, it’s value extraction is too high. Ethereum is definitely interesting engineering wise but lacks fundamental philosophical aspects to be considered as a viable L1 IMO.’

This statement came in response to a Twitter post by Abdel Bakhta, who criticized Solana for its governance, centralization and high hardware requirements. This statement of Yakovenko expresses the opposite of Bakhta’s post. In the post, it was stated that Ethereum’s rate of appreciation is too high and Solana does not comply with its public domain status.

In another Twitter post, Yakovenko defended Solana, stating that the management of the project is not significantly different from the management of Ethereum because both Blockchain platforms are open source and can be forked in any direction by anyone.

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