Iranian authorities have revised some rules for the Bitcoin (BTC) mining industry to facilitate access to renewable energy. Licensed miners in Iran will now be able to purchase electricity produced from renewable sources across the country at lower fees.

The Ministry of Energy of Iran has made arrangements to facilitate access to renewable energy for institutions authorized to mine Bitcoin (BTC) in the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to a report by, Iran has announced that, with a recent decree, it allows Bitcoin miners to purchase electricity from renewable sources across the country.

Iran Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company (Tavanir) official Mohammad Khodadadi stated that with this arrangement, miners will not be limited to local resources and will have access to nationwide renewable energy at more affordable prices. The first positive steps taken for the mining sector were taken by the Tehran Ministry of Energy in December. Renewable power plants have been allowed to supply electricity to licensed Bitcoin miners, according to a statement made by Iranian authorities.

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In addition to all of this, being a Bitcoin miner in Iran still has greater difficulties. The country experiences power outages during hot summers and cold winter months due to climatic conditions, and Bitcoin miners are partially responsible for these interruptions. Tavir told miners this year that mining activities should be suspended until the end of summer, citing the intense energy demands of cooling systems, which have increased due to extreme temperatures. The restrictions have sparked negative reactions from the country's crypto community.

The state-owned organization also increased fines for illegal mining activities by 400%, pledging to take drastic action against unlicensed cryptocurrency miners. According to official data released in May, the Iranian government identified and shut down nearly 7,000 facilities that were illegally mining Bitcoin.