Leading Metaverse coin project, The Sandbox, has partnered with Renault. The partnership was made with Renault Korea, the South Korean arm of the French-based global auto giant. Accordingly, the two companies will collaborate on various issues, including an NFT collection for The Sandbox Metaverse. In this way, The Sandbox will provide its users with a driving experience in the virtual world.

Renault, on the other hand, will bring its products to the virtual world through NFT technology. Thus, it will have the opportunity to reach and show its brand to many new people. Renault Korea Motors released a statement regarding the partnership on Sunday. Accordingly, the leading Metaverse coin project announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Sandbox. He also shared from the partnership as a result of his wishes to chart a digital course as Renault via NFTs.

In addition to NFTs, Renault Korea will also collaborate with various brands on The Sandbox platform. These collaborations will benefit the firm as parts of a marketing campaign. So Renault wants to market its products in the Metaverse.


The following statements are included in the announcement of the Metaverse coin project Sandbox:

   “We are proud to announce our new partnership with Renault Korea Motors, the South Korean subsidiary of French automaker Renault, to deliver digital automotive experiences across the metaverse.

Through this partnership, The Sandbox and Renault Korea Motors will provide consumers with new ways to experience vehicles digitally.

Sandbox also supports marketing collaboration with various brands on The Sandbox platform and plans to establish a long-term relationship with Renault Korea Motors to engage potential customers, focusing on the next generation who are very familiar with the digital environment.”

Sandbox South Korea CEO Cindy Lee said:

   “This partnership is an excellent example of what Sandbox can develop without industrial boundaries. At The Sandbox we can deliver new types of experiences that combine cars and digital assets.”