Social media giant Reddit is integrating Ethereum-based NFTs into its platform. Reddit's NFT integration will only test how it will work on the platform for now. With this feature, users will have the opportunity to connect to MetaMask and use their NFTs on the platform.

The NFT feature also sees it as a way for users to switch from the old design of Reddit, which is still very popular, to the new one.

The appearance of users' Ethereum addresses in NFT profiles on Twitter caused criticism. Thus, a user's financial activities can be seen. In OpenSea, such a problem has arisen because the blockchain account also functions as a username. For this reason, the NFT integration of both Twitter and Reddit is progressing slowly.

Reddit Integrates Ethereum NFTs

Twitter has also tried to integrate NFTs as a profile picture, with it not too clear how that went as we haven't come across many of them in the wild here at Trustnodes. There are privacy concerns, especially if the user 's ethereum address is shown as Twitter does, because then you can potentially see someone 's wealth and their financial activity.

Reddit and Twitter can also allow for blockchain accounts, with the user then giving it a nickname if they want, unless they're comfortable with attaching their ethereum address to their real name. Thus both Reddit and Twitter are probably taking it slow in integrating NFTs, but this new invention has now become sufficiently widespread for both to try them out.