Shiba Inu, the popular cryptocurrency of recent times, continues to progress successfully. There has been a serious increase in the number of addresses of Shiba Inu, which finished last year as a trend and did not lose its leadership among the joke-themed crypto coins this year. The number of SHIB addresses has increased by more than 40,000 in 3 months.

As of today, the total number of SHIB addresses has increased by 40,033 in three months to reach 1,221,112. Last June, that number was 1,181,079. The burning rate of SHIB also decreased and the amount of SHIB burned amounted to 272.2 million.


SHIB Shared Its New Metaverse Concept!

After the partnership with The Third Floor, one of the leading companies in the USA, in July, SHIB is taking important steps in the metaverse project. Shiba Inu released new visuals for their metaverse project SHIB, The Metaverse, today. In today's announcement, Shiba Inu has released the first concept for SHIB: The Metaverse: Rocket Pond. The initial concept of Rocket Pond was depicted in black and white. The painting covers a majestic place nestled inside a mountain. SHIB said in a statement that the new concept was inspired by natural wonders in the USA, such as Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Village, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Cape Canaveral. Shiba Inu is working tirelessly to ensure that the metaverse project is among the best in the industry. As previously reported, SHIB shared their metaverse concept called WAGMI Temple last week.

 Whales Accumulate SHIB

While the cryptocurrency market is going through a tough time, Ethereum whales continue to accumulate Shiba Inu. When the Shiba Inu price drops, whales do not miss the opportunity to buy from the bottom. According to analysts, whale accumulation is considered to herald a significant rally in the Shiba Inu, based on data from the past two months. Finally, on September 12, in a 24-hour period, one of the largest whales of the Ethereum network received 536.51 billion Shiba Inu. The giant whale received $7 million SHIB in 14 transactions. According to data from, SHIB has once again become a favorite of whales.

shiba inu-4

The data reveals that the whale bought the tokens from Binance and Coinbase. Whale received 475 billion SHIB in the first ten transactions, and 60 billion tokens from Coinbase in its last transaction. The whale currently holds 519.3 billion Shiba Inu worth $6.82 million in the wallet.

The acquisition of Shiba Inu by whales on the Ethereum network is considered a critical bullish signal in the cryptocurrency community. In the past, SHIB has increased substantially after large-scale purchases of SHIB by whales. After the local peak, whales start to sell. Analysts at FXStreet reported that the Shiba Inu has a 50% probability of rallying.