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Real Vision Bot Chose These Cryptocurrencies

Real Vision Bot was co-developed by quantitative analyst Moritz Seibert and statistician Moritz Heiden and is followed by everyone with its performance. The bot conducts and compiles surveys to provide algorithmic portfolio reviews. Real Vision founder and macro guru Raoul Pal described the bot’s track record as “astonishing”. The former Goldman Sachs executive argues that the bot outperforms the top 20 cryptocurrencies combined by more than 20 percent.

Every week, Real Vision Bot conducts surveys to compile algorithmic portfolio reviews that build a consensus of consensus. The latest data provided by the bot reveals that investors strongly favor Ethereum (ETH), with the majority of market participants voting to weight their portfolios with ETH. In second place is Polygon (MATIC), the leading Layer 2 ecosystem designed to help scale the Ethereum network. MATIC is followed by the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin is followed by USD Coin (USDC), one of the largest stablecoins by market cap, followed by Avalanche (AVAX), one of the strongest Ethereum competitors, and Blockchain ecosystem Cosmos (ATOM). These two altcoins are followed by the interoperability blockchain Polkadot (DOT).

In addition to all this, when we look at the altcoin choices made by Real Vision Bot for the crypto money portfolio, it is seen that the algorithm-based bot has given weight to MATIC for the first time and allocates 35.1 percent of its portfolio to it. ETH with 29.4 percent, QNT with 7.5 percent, LINK with 4.13 percent, BNB with 3.62 percent, CHZ with 3.1 percent, SUSHI with 2.58 percent and 2.07 percent respectively. It is followed by XRP and LTC with 2.07 percent.

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