Voiceverse Origins, the world's first voice-enabled NFT, was launched in the last days of January with a collection of 8,888 NFTs. The public sale took only 10 minutes. All NFTs were sold in a very short time, which is very rare in Ethereum Blockchain-based NFT collections.

While Voiceverse is seen as a next-generation NFT format, it wants to pioneer NFTs that can be developed with this feature. They also aim for NFT owners to have a voice in the Metaverse world. With such voice NFTs, users will be able to add voice feature to their NFT, which can be used as profile picture. Users with voice NFTs will be able to use these assets in playgrounds, video calls, and the Metaverse space. They can also create NFTs with their own voice or the voice of anyone they have permission to.

After 8,888 NFTs were sold within 10 minutes, the collection trended across all categories available on the popular NFT platform OpenSea. In addition, in terms of sales volume, it is seen that it maintains its position in the top 10. While there is currently a strong interest in voice-enabled NFTs, this trend can be interpreted as triggering a new trend towards 2nd generation NFTs.

Voiceverse Origins2

NFTs granting lifetime participation in the music festival

Mainstream adoption of NFTs continues apace. California music festival Coachella will create and sell NFTs that can be used as lifetime tickets under an agreement with FTX US.

NFTs created based on Solana Blockchain will be available for sale in a collection called Coachella Keys Collection. Each of the NFTs in the collection consisting of 10 NFTs grants a lifetime entrance to the festival. In addition, this year's Coachella stage will offer VIP experiences such as front row seats, dinner in a tent with a celebrity chef, stage access.